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What Are The Key Differences Between Concrete And Resin Bound Surfacing?


Out of all the other areas of the home, the driveway is the place which receives most of the traffic of people and vehicle always. Isn’t it? That’s why it is very important that it should be made up of rock solid material. Right! With continuous traffic of heavy vehicles and direct exposure to sunlight, they get easily damaged with time. As we all know, the driveway is a place which lefts the first impression of our home on guests when they visit.

Still, some of the people choose concrete based surfaces for their home driveways. But is it really a good option? Nowadays, most of the people prefer resin bound surfaces for their home as well as for their industrial projects. Commercial resin paving are highly used by big companies for making their overall infrastructure look amazing.



Commercial Resin
Commercial Resin


In this article, we are going to talk about the basic differences between the aesthetics of concrete and resin bound surfacing in various aspects. So here they are-


Load-bearing strength

As we all know that concrete is popular for the incredible load-bearing strength that makes it a first choice for some people to get used in their home driveways. Resin bound surface makes use of concrete in combination with tarmac that makes it as strong as concrete bound surface and also gives it more appealing looks as compared to concrete laid surfacing.


Setting time

Resin bound surfaces take very less time to get installed as compared to the concrete based one. That makes its setting time very less and quite hassle-free for people. Otherwise, in case of concrete-bound surfacing, people will have to completely avoid walking over the driveway for several days.


Maintenance aspect

Resin bound surfaces require less maintenance as compared to concrete based paving. As concrete based surfaces completely build from cement. That’s why it will require regular maintenance. While on the other side, resin bound surfacing is made from concrete and tarmac in combination with the outer cover of resin. That makes it rock solid and very strong and less susceptible to maintenance.



If you look only from price point-of-view then of course concrete based paving will sounds great to you. But it is not a good option for long-term investment. Its high maintenance cost makes you invest higher than as compared to the resin bound surfacing.


These are some of the great aspects that make a huge difference between concrete and resin bound surfacing. And also proves that resin-based paving is much better than concrete bound surfacing.