Online Scams

Online Frauds – Prevention Tips

Cybercriminals use several methods to defraud people every year and people the numbers are only increasing day by day. The main reason behind people falling on their trap is the lack of awareness. Those who are not updated with the latest technology easily become the target for cybercriminals. There are various criminals like Ilan Tzorya who earned a lot of money by deceiving people online. So in order to keep yourself safe from cyber extortions, you can consider the tips mentioned below.

Know who you are dealing with

Nowadays, people prefer to make an online payment whenever they shop and invest in something and cybercriminals taking advantage of this. So whenever you do any transaction make sure that particular organization is credible no matter whether you are making a small investment or large.

Use a safe payment method

You also need to choose the payment option wisely if you want to avoid online scams because most of the times people fall into the trap of cyber criminals by not taking care of this aspect. It is always recommended to use credit cards as compared to the debit cards and other monetary apps due to the safety concerns. In debit cards, you already have your savings and by chance, if somebody else will get access to your card they can empty your account. But this is not the case with the credit cards. So it is better to pay through credit cards whenever you purchase anything online.

Ilan Tzorya

Keep your confidential information safe

Crooks never profess to be a stranger to you. They always pretend to be an authentic source whenever they call you, message you or email you. So make sure you do not provide any personal information like bank account number, credit card number etc without properly verifying its origin.

Avoid uninvited emails

Most of the emails which are not requested by you are fraudulent. No matter what the email is claiming and whatever attachment is there in the email do not open and follow the instructions. This type of scam is called phishing. Replying to such emails is also very harmful because by replying you are confirming the other person that this is your working mail id. So keep all these things in mind and do not trust any of such messages or emails.

The Internet is no doubt a very good invention and you should definitely make the best use of it, but you also need to be enough smart to recognize what is genuine and what is fake.