4 Different Types Of Call Center Software

You might have called on the customer service number for many times. But have you ever thought, how agents of the call centers could be able to manage lots of queries and complaints of the customer? While they make use of the software to manage these things. The software is integrated with the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system, which helps the agent to manage the conversation and find the solution of customer’s issues as well. A software is essential requirement to process call center business in an organization. However, with the evolution of technology, now we have the various options with the software as well.

In this article, you could be able to learn about the 4 different types of call center software:


On-premise or traditional software

It is the most traditional software which is used in the call center business. In this setup, the hardware and software part of the system installation is done on the office premises of the company. While a company needs to hire an IT service for the management of this software. The best advantage with such kind of software is that an organization can have total control over the hardware, software and infrastructure. That makes it more safe and secure from any loss of data information from the system.


Hosted software

It is a service in which the main system is at different location, while the users of the hosted software services have to access the hosted service through the Internet. In this case, the investment is less compared to traditional software. However, it can’t give the insurance of data safety which you would get with On-premise software service.


Call Center Software


Cloud-based software

This software is called a virtual software for a call center. Since this software is hosted by the cloud-based virtual server. These kinds of software are mostly used in the call center services. Since it is cost-effective compared with the above two services. While the disadvantages about such software is, you can’t be able to access the information offline. And scaling the solutions to the problems related to cloud-based software can be more cumbersome compared to the on-premise and hosted software service.


Browser-based call center

It is one of the most progressive software in the call center business. Because of its advanced features, this software is growing popular in the call center industry. However, the entire system of this software runs on the browser. Because of that the whole call center team have to be active on the browser. In case of any issue with the browser, nothing can be done.

These are the leading software in the call center business.